Chatbot modules

Our constantly expanding chatbot modules make it possible to build our users’ chatbot applications fast and cost‑effective. The modules are using the advantages of the testing as well as the built in graphical platforms.

Order tracking

Customers can track and follow the status of their orders through the chatbot as soon as they place it.

Checking stock

Users can gather information about items availability in stock or shops by using the chat or the graphical platform.

Product finder

With our ergonomic product finder users can look for and find the items they wish for within seconds.

Product bookmark

You only need one click on the webpage to have an already saved product in the chatbot as a user. This way you can access your product anytime.

Ticket system

Users can save your error tickets through the self‑serving menu which will be sent to an integrated CRM system.


Users are able to make appointments easily while also getting notifications as they get closer to them.

Business information

Users can access information about a business’ closing hours, address and contact through the chatbot.

Credit calculator

Through the chatbot users can access a credit calculator that is able to save the calculated credit.

Cupon system

We provide unique discounts for our users which are linked to certain activities. These can be checked in online or face to face as well.

Live Agent

In our hybrid chatbots, a user can ask for a live agent. Customer service representatives can talk with the users through the chat platform.

Rating live agents

Finished conversations with the live agents can be rated by the users. These results are saved to the dialogue and to the live agents aswell.

Live agent analyser

The system saves the behaviour, reaction time, the length of a dialogue and the used words of live agents. This way a live agent's efficiency can be rated through statistics.

Live quiz games

We can invite players to a live quiz game through chatbots, who might even appear on jumbotrons during the programm.

HTML5 games

We can make HTML5 games inside the chatbots. This way we are able to present and communicate your brands messages to the chatbot users in an interesting and eye‑catching way.


With the use of chatbot technology we can provide a possibility to filter and search on a program list of an event.

Networking module

On events we facilitate networking and contact building with our networking module.

Private Facebook answer

The chatbot is able to automatically start a conversation with users based on their Facebook post comments.

Dynamic IVR contact

We are able to direct users to the chatbot from IVR menus in a way that the bot will already know the menu from which the user has been directed, as well as the function the users has started.

E‑commerce intelligence

Our chatbot intelligence designed for online and webshop shopping is able to recognise the most common and the special topics aswell, then answer users questions automatically.

Financial intelligence

Our solution focusing on the fields of banks and insurances informs the chatbot users in a quick and efficient way.

HR intelligence

Our HR chatbot provides instant answers to the questions that keep employees' minds occupied the most.

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Our chatbot specialized in conferences has proven itself in deep water. The chatbot has shown the opportunities in this field during one of Hungary's most significant professional customer service events.

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