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Our team, located in Hungary, develops chatbot applications focusing on user experience. That is why they perform outstandingly.

Chatbot Chatbot

An instant solution to common e‑commerce problems, day and night: that's what Decathlon customers get ‑ smoothly and automatically!

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Extreme Digital

In its first year of launch, Extreme Digital’s chatbot has helped more than 220 000 customers and increased customer service efficiency significantly.

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Thanks to the Todo / SZTE + chatbot solution, university freshmen will receive an enrollment assistant and a personalized to‑do list.

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🤖 Chatbots

Our chatbots, operating on a framework we have developed, are utilized by top e‑commerce companies, word cups, sports clubs, public bodies, startups, and other outstanding companies.

Chatbot users
Chatbot users
Total number of Hungarian chatbot users since our launch.
user interactions
user interactions
Total number of interactions generated by chatbot users since our launch.
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“This team is really professional at what they are doing. The development is continuous, and they never stop brainstorming. I am glad that we chose RoboRobo for our partner!”
Eszter Fináczy Decathlon chatbot review
Eszter Fináczy
Decathlon: Head of Customer Service
“Chatbots can definitely take a load off the shoulders of companies while, at the same time, benefiting the users. We've been waiting a long time to come across a solution that meets our expectations, and boths RoboRobo's solution and attitude complied to the full.”
Gábor Mészáros Extreme Digital chatbot review
Gábor Mészáros
Extreme Digital: Head of Customer Experience
“SZTE is committed to the success of its students, who come to us from a wide range of life situations. We are constantly introducing digital solutions that, among other things, make it easier to navigate between administrative tasks. It is a special joy that the students were partners in the development, gave a lot of feedback and good ideas for improving the application!“
Péter Szakál SZTE Todo chatbot review
Péter Szakál
University of Szeged: Educational direction
“SZTE is committed to the success of its students who come to us from a wide range of life situations. We are continuously introducing digital solutions that, among other things, make it easier to navigate between administrative tasks. We are delighted that our students were involved in the development, improving the application with a lot of feedback and great ideas!“
Dr. Lilla Kocsis SZTE Órarend chatbot review
Dr. Lilla Kocsis
University of Szeged: distance education development project manager
“Rezultz was a breath of fresh air during the World Cup, native and foreign competitors and of course, sports fans were using it to follow results. We received numerous praises related to the chatbot, and we can thank this to the professional team of RoboRobo.“
József Kiss Hungarian Kayak‑Canoe Assosiation chatbot review
József Kiss
MKKSZ: Head of Marketing
“Contact chatbot has replaced all the functionalities of a mobile application. The organisers, the guests and ourselves were using the chatbot to follow the programs. The program's excellency comes from its simple-to-use buildup.”
András Lőrincz Contact chatbot review
András Lőrincz
Contact conference: Chairman
“RoboRobo brought a chatbot to the festival which - whenever it was requested - informed users automatically about the ongoing events anywhere and anytime. My personal favorite was the match following function!”
Dániel Hodozsán V4 Future Sports Festival chatbot review
Dániel Hodozsán
Organiser - V4 Future Sports Festival

Industry sectors

We have crafted our chatbot applications’ intelligence and functions according to the specific needs of the different industries they are used in.


A chatbot can instantly inform online and offline customers alike if it comes to processes during, before, or after a purchase. Thanks to order tracking, stock checking self‑service forms, users can take control into their own hands.


Are you curious how many day-offs you have left? Would you like to see your schedule for the next week? What's on the menu in the canteen today? The HR AI (Artificial Intelligence) immediately answers the employees’ questions, retrieving the required user information from integrated applications.


“I calculated the credit, but I had further questions. Luckily the chatbot came in handy so I could ask my questions and finally I dared to proceed.” - this is something your clients could say as well! Our financial intelligence, available with our without authentication, makes the life of your users more convenient.


The chatbot doesn’t require any registration, enabling fans to play on jumbotrons and perimeters immediately. No less than five world championships have used our chatbots for informing fans and for entertainment.

Health care

Questions asked from Health Care Institutions are answered 24/7 by our chatbot intelligence without any human interference. Our solution includes functions like login, appointment booking, doctor and clinics search, and many more.

Customer service

Our AI solution, prepared for particular client service needs of municipalities, public or utility services and many other industries, can significantly reduce the load on customer service.