Our self‑developed chatbots - operating in our own framework - are used by market-leading e‑commerce companies, sports clubs, word cups, public bodies, startups, and other outstanding companies!

Rakuten Viber

Meet Praktiker's new chatbot! This innovative tool helps you track your order, get stock information and much more.

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Auchan Career chatbot

When someone is interested in a position at Auchan, the candidates can write a comment 'Érdekel' (meaning: Interested) - and the Auchan Career chatbot will send them the necessary information. It is that simple.

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Whether it is order status, the Rossmanó program or opening hours, the Rossmann chatbot will answer your questions immediately!

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An instant solution to common e-commerce problems, day and night: this is what Decathlon gives to its customers - smoothly and automatically!

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SZTE Timetable

The Timetable / SZTE+ chatbot of the University of Szeged provides access to timetable and exam data through a fast and convenient interface, thanks to its active connection to Neptun, Hungary’s unified education system.

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Thanks to the Todo / SZTE + chatbot solution, university freshmen will receive an enrollment assistant and a personalized to-do list.

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Extreme Digital

In its first year of launch, Extreme Digital’s chatbot has helped more than 220 000 customers and increased customer service efficiency significantly.

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Cookie Run

Cookie Run is a chatbot game using HTML5 technology, created for Extreme Digital's followers on Facebook.

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We have crafted Sihuhu chatbot for passengers of MÁV, the state-owned Hungarian Railways. It helps them find and share essential travel information in seconds and look back for earlier results easily.

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Obor Bank

Obor Bank is our fictitious financial institute. We created it to show what a lead-generating chatbot could be capable of in the financial sector.

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Mindbreaker is one of the most popular chatbots in Hungary. Its playful and straightforward gameplay moved the gears of hundreds of thousands of people.

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🎬💬❓🤔🥂- that is Mozimoji is a great movie chat quiz, designed to fit the needs of the emoji generation.

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For spectators of the Kayak-Canoe World Cup held in Hungary, we have created the Rezultz chatbot that provides up-to-date retrievable information for everyone.

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Booxly is a chatbot-based gamified bookmark system with extra functions to motivate readers.

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Contact conference

Our chatbot specialized in conferences and has proven itself in deep water. The chatbot has shown opportunities in this field during one of Hungary's most significant professional customer service events.

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Quizgi is a chatbot quiz system running on a LED screen that makes it possible to involve a whole stadium full of players simultaneously, and it has already proven itself throughout many world competitions.

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V4 Future Sports Festivals

This chatbot - designed for the most significant Hungarian e-sport event so far - brought the audience’s experience to the next level with a considerable number of innovative solutions, from chat‑casting matches to cosplay voting.

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